The girl behind fitwineo

Hi! My name is Nicole and I'm so happy you are visiting my page. I currently live in Orange County, California, and have a love for wine (in case you hadn't already guessed). I graduated with a BS degree in Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. My love for wine began when I was a student at Cal Poly.  With Paso Robles being about 30 minutes north of San Luis, it is conveniently located (rather, was a doable destination activity outside of studying).  Fast forward to today. I am the owner of a fitness and nutrition business and love taking mini getaways to Paso wine country as often as I can. To this day, Paso Robles is still my favorite wine region, so you can expect to see a lot from this area on my page. I like to think of myself as a Paso cheerleader amongst what seems to be a sea of northern California wine lovers.  No offense intended to the NorCal wineries, consider it a matter of rooting for your favorite team.

Some other fun facts about me are:  I love classic cars (I own a 1966 Ford Mustang), being at the beach, photography, watching the sunset, and, of course, fitness and nutrition.